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// vocals


Vicki Tovar, known for her colorful hair, unapologetic hugs and powerful pipes, is easy to recognize around the Dallas music scene.  


What you may not know about Vicki is that she has an extensive musical theater background. Attending the American and Musical and Dramatic in New York City in the 90's, she developed a love for all styles of music and an amazing stage presence.

Vicki's been working the Dallas area for 12 years  in the studio and live with styles ranging from country to disco to jazz, pop, rock and ska.

While still active with Dallas ska band, Rude King, she set out with others in Boss Riot to explore vintage styles of ska, rocksteady, soul and reggae.

She has two adorable children and has been married to Rob Tovar for a really, really long time.


// bass


Michael Burke grew up in Orange, California, discovering his passion for making music during the summer after 8th grade.


He carved his initials into Orange County ska playing guitar with No ?s Asked, followed by a decade stint on bass with punk trio The Beer Thieves of America.


He now resides in Roanoke, TX with his lovely wife and two beautiful daughters.


// guitar


Ryan Reeves was born and raised in Detroit and is a long time music veteran in the world of Jamaican-influenced music.  


His first experience came in 1989, during a brief stint in Detroit’s legendary Gangster Fun.  Shortly after, in 1990, he started Detroit’s pioneer ska band The Exceptions with Jim Hofer (Mustard Plug).  


The Detroit-based Exceptions first came to national attention with their appearance on multiple ska compilations (the American Skathic series I and II, Moon Records’ Skarmageddon, Misfits of Ska), and followed with their full-length releases of  No Shoes, No Shirt, No Exceptions! and Five Finger Discount.  Reeves has also performed as a featured guest on The Articles “Blue Monk”, Gangster Fun “Periwinkle Blues” and The Parka Kings “Two Million Dollars”.


He left the stage to pursue a career in medicine, and now, after a prolonged hiatus, he returns with Dallas-based Boss Riot.


// keys and trombone


Chris Casey has been playing ska and punk music in DFW for about 15 years on keys, trombone, and even singing once in a while.


He has a bachelor's degree in music from UT Arlington, and has toured the country several times with a few different bands.

Chris has a wife Justine, a 4 year old son, Owen, and currently lives in Denton, Texas.


// guitar


John "Jake" Olsen has been playing guitar since the age of eight.  He was exposed to Latin music in his teenage years living in Brazil and has a love of bossanova music.


During college, he played in local cover bands at Brigham Young Univ in Utah.  After leaving music to start a career and raise a family, he recently became active in the Dallas music scene. 


Although relatively new to ska, his background in rock and Latin music has translated well to the genre.   


// drums


When asked for bio information Rob said "Me Rob! Me hit drums!". So I guess I'll fill in some blanks...


Rob Tovar has spent the last ten years playing drums in, and driving the van for, the International touring ska band Rude King


Additional music credits include Latin-rocking: Mad Mexicans, punk-powerhouse: StationWagon, funky-disco: Soul Glow, bluesy-groovy: Crowe Show, indie-lo-fi: Happy Bullets, and a ton more in his 30+ years behind a drum set.


When not performing, Rob teaches drum lessons in Plano, enjoys camping, works on his '47 Cadillac, and reads to his kids.

Rob plays Yamaha drums, ZIldjian cymbals, Vic Firth drumsticks, and Remo heads. For more information, visit

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